Our Story

Founded in 2007, Personae Studios is the largest iPhone game developer in Singapore, and the first within the country to enter the iPhone Developer program. Of the 11 applications we have launched, two have achieved rankings within the "top 25" in various markets. We are also proud to have developed Singapore's first universal iPad game.

Derived from the Latin term, "persona,” or “dramatic persona;” personae translates into English as “cast of characters.” Our “characters,” or development team members collaborate within our studio to deliver the cutting-edge gaming concepts users have come to expect from Personae Studios. Within our studio, we like to think that our applications truly become an art form – each delivering countless hours of entertainment and enjoyment for the end-user.

At Personae Studios, we are Daring to Escape, by Doing the Impossible. For us, this is not just our motto, but how we live, breathe, and work every day. We dare to dream, dare to challenge, and dare to lead. We imagine and prove that the impossible is possible in gaming by doing what we do best -- turning innovative, challenging, and complex gaming concepts and technologies into reality.