PICS Towers of Defense

Inspired by PC game mods, PICS Towers of Defense is an iOS game allowing players to take the core tower defense game and mold its features to their liking.

We are not talking about buying trinkets to decorate a virtual home or purely cosmetic items, but rather, the ability to easily alter game rules, design new levels, swap art assets, and to share your creations with other players.

First and foremost, we believe in solid strategy gameplay that stands on its own. All too often, mobile games are made as temporary distractions with brief shelf lives. By letting players further define gameplay, we can create a mobile game with long-lasting appeal and a true sense of community.

MechWarrior: Tactical Command

Based on the award winning franchise, MechWarrior: Tactical Command takes the world of the BattleTech universe and brings it straight into the palms of iPad users worldwide. The game combines unique, innovative multi-touch game controls along with a single player campaign written by a team of award winning famous science fiction authors, Loren L. Coleman and Randall N. Bills–veterans of the series canon lore. Personae Studios has made a firm effort in staying close to the original mechanics of the BattleTech board game in order to appeal to both newcomers and fans of the MechWarrior series alike.


Monkey Sailor

Monkey Sailor is a FREE strategic-thinking puzzle game. In this game, it's your job to navigate the Monkey Sailor through the ocean so he can find the golden banana treasure. You will encounter many obstacles along the way, and the clock is ticking!

With over 300 puzzles available, the fun never ends. Best of all, Monkey Sailor is FREE!


In $pree, you are the shopping mall entrepreneur -- it's your job to strategically build shops that entice waves of demanding customers who want to buy snacks, cinema, fashion, gadgets, and more!

$pree is the only shopping game where YOU decide where to build your shops. Choose the best location for each shop so you can grow your profits, increase your score, and win the game!!

Pik Nic

In this addicting game, you must prevent swarms of insects from getting a bite from your picnic table! Pik Nic offers various multi-touch gestures so you can easily chase away the different types of pests.

Azure Rings

In Azure, collect the different magical energy crystals, and match them by dragging a crystal clockwise/anti-clockwise or towards/away from the center. Make sure you have 3 or more lining up together along the spoke, or the rim of the ring.

Need to pause or quit the game? Simply touch the center of the Azure Ring.


iGamesDev is a fun, fast-paced card game that parodies the business of smartphone game development. Take charge of your virtual, independent games studio, and compete to get maximum profits for your risky game ventures.

With a range of 55 unique cards in the first version, every turn delivers a new twist... Carefully watch as your profits soar, or fall below the red line!

Goodnight Wish

Eria, an innocent girl, lives alone in the mountains and happily appreciates every passing day. However, the lazy nightmare spirit, Akumaru, has to find a victim before he turns into a hopeless wandering spirit. Upon spotting Eria he decides she's his next victim -- and attempts to give her some bad dreams...

Can you help save Eria from Akumaru's spell of bad dreams?

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a card game played between two players. In this game, you can choose to either play against the comptuer, or with your friends via WiFi. To start, each player is dealt 10 cards. Gin Rummy ends only after one player reaches a set number of points (100 / 300 / 500), which is determined upon starting the game.

Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat is a popular casio card betting game. To begin, players choose to bet as either the player, or the banker. Choose carefully, because each betting scenario delivers a unique rate of return -- either place the right bet and earn a handsome reward, or place the wrong bet, and lose everything!


Carrom is a traditional game of skill where players propel small discs, called Carrom Men, into one of the four corner pockets in order to score points. A larger disc, called a "striker" is used to hit the small discs into a corner pocket. Whichever player scores the most points wins the game!


Two-Up is a traditional Australian gambling game which involves tossing two coins in the air, and betting on the results. With Two-Up, flip virtual coins into the air with your iPhone or iPod touch, and watch them fall back onto the ground!
FEATURES: - Accelerometer controls!


Air Hockey is a rendition of the popular game of the same name, commonly found in arcades. Players attempt to score points by using a plastic mallet to hit the puck across the other player's goal line. Air Hockey 1.0 offers gameplay for a single player. Stay tuned for upcoming versions which will include features for multiple players!


Conundrum is a competitive social word game. The game builds on a letter-by-letter basis, so make sure to plan your next move so you can outwit your opponent. It's an addictive game that is guaranteed to deliver hours of fun and entertainment!